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Best Way to Get Rid of Web Surf Shield from Browser

November 6th, 2013

Web Surf Shield Virus Information:

Web Surf Shield is a newly released infection, which can interrupt PC users’ browsing activities. After this infection is installed on your system, it keeps telling you to upgrade this malicious program. Only after that, can you go on your work on the Internet. Basically, if you follow the instruction, you will come across more serious problems.

Mostly, Web Surf Shield is likely to attack browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Once attacked, the browser will perform poorly, which will be often redirected to Web Surf Shield. On this pop-up website, you will receive a fake massage saying that “Access to this page has been temporarily blocked. Please take time to download our web shield update below. You can continue assessing this site after installing this update. Thank you.” Even when you do some searching, this malicious infection can redirect your search results to its website as well. In fact, it just wants to force you to download useless program onto your system.

What’s worse, Web Surf Shield may will record your browsing history and steal your banking information. Hence, you must get rid of it right away. This guide will help you solve the problem.

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Web Surf Shield Virus Screenshot:

Web Surf Shield Virus is really dangerous:

1. Web Surf Shield Virus is an irritating adware.
2. Web Surf Shield Virus is capable of changing your browser configurations.
3. Web Surf Shield Virus records your browser activities.
4. Web Surf Shield Virus decreases browser speed.
5. Web Surf Shield Virus forces you to install unwanted programs.

How to Remove Web Surf Shield Virus Manually?

Open Registry and delete Web Surf Shield virus registry entries:

Typy in registry in the box.

Delete those corrupt registry entries.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\”Shell” = “[random].exe”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\CustomizeSearch=site address

Delete Web Surf Shield virus associated components:


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Web Surf Shield virus Removal Video:

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