Disable Windows Defender Windows 10 Creator: Learning the Right Way

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Not everyone knows the right way to disable Windows Defender Windows 10 creator because not everyone is familiar with it. In fact, not all Windows 10 users know that they need to disable the Defender if they want to use the other third party antivirus apps. Read also : How to Virus Removal from Computer: The Logical Steps

Some of the Recent Issues

There have been some issues where some users experiencing the Defender automatically activates on its own after they have installed Creators Update Windows 10. It is considered odd because the Defender generally will shut itself off when it detects that there is another antivirus program existence. Now, when they click the Defender icon, it will bring up the Security Center without any option to deactivate it.

As you can see, such a problem is pretty annoying, right? It directly affects your work, activity, and how you do your daily routine. That’s why it would be helpful if there is a way to turn off the Defender for good, or at least until you decide to turn it on again.

How to Manage the Shut down

The problem is, turning off the Defender isn’t exactly something easy to do. Sure, you can always go to Defender’s setting to have a go but the shut down is only effective for a while because it will automatically turn on again. This is why you can use Registry or Group Policy.

So, do you know how to disable Windows Defender Windows 10 creator? If you are using the local Group Policy, here are the steps:

  • Let’s say that you are using Windows Enterprise 10 or Windows Pro 10, you need to press Windows key and R together to activate Run command
  • Type in gpedit.msc and then click ok. It will access the local Group Policy editor
  • Go to Computer Configuration, choose Administrative Templates, click Windows Components, and choose Windows Defender
  • Within the right section, you will see option Turn off Windows Defender. Double click on it.
  • Then choose Enabled so you can disable it
  • Then Apply and click ok

When you have completed the process, you will see the icon still remains on the system tray. You only need to restart your device to make the icon go away. In the event that you want to activate it again, you can follow the same process, but go with Not Configured in step 5. And then restart the device to make the process complete.

Using the local Group Policy is easier than using the Registry. It is less risky too because changing registry can affect and harm your system. If you want to play it safe, it’s better to ask the expert. You should also make a full backup to your system, just in case. The problem is, you won’t be able to use local Group Policy if you have Windows 10 Home – as the Group Policy is only found for enterprise versions.

All in all, it would be wise if you can act careful and think about everything thoroughly. It is always advisable to turn to the pro if you are completely clueless about everything, including about how to disable Windows Defender Windows 10 creator.

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