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Get Rid of AV Protection 2011 Malware

November 19th, 2011

AV Protection 2011 Information:

AV Protection 2011 is a complete fake antispyware whose clones are System Security 2012, AV Security 2012 and System Protection 2012 badware. If AV Protection 2011 becomes active, it will begin to scan your computer. Afterwards, it will present tremendous viruses for your system. If you believe it, you will continuously receive a great number of misleading alerts. When you want to utilize AV Protection 2011 to delete those mentioned viruses, it then will firstly persuade you to buy its commercial version. Actually, the viruses mentioned by AV Protection 2011 are legal files in your system. Your Windows will not function well once you eliminate them. You have to discover and erase AV Protection 2011 instantly. Please open your Task Manager and end up the malicious processes of this badware. Later, you should have a full scan for your system in normal and safe modes. Remember that active malware cannot function in safe mode of your machine.

You can take advantage of it to delete AV Protection 2011. It is advisable for you to get rid of this malware. This rogueware is completely useless. The only feature of it is to display fake alerts and mess up your life. The removal instruction below is worked out for your convenience to remove AV Protection 2011.

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AV Protection 2011 Screenshot:

How to Remove AV Protection 2011 Virus Manually?

Delete AV Protection 2011 registry entries:

%System% \AV Protection 2011v121.exe
%AppData%\[random]\AV Protection 2011.ico

Delete AV Protection 2011 associated components:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “[random characters or numbers]”

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