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Get Rid of Mediashifting.com Malware

December 26th, 2011

Mediashifting.com Information:

There is such a website called Mediashifting.com that you might turn to because of search engine redirect. It is also a kind of scareware. Mediashifting.com is labelled as an unwanted adware object by many anti-malware program suppliers. We can see Mediashifting.com is closely related to Google redirect virus’ effect. It modifies the browser settings to hijack the browsers stealthily. Moreover, your HOSTS document will be changed so that you will unexpectedly end up on some strange websites rather than the sites you want to visit. Thus the victims will go to that website- Mediashifting.com.com rather than somewhere they really want when doing a search in Google. Mediashifting.com itself is full of ads so the ‘search’ option is not really available to use. So, the purpose of this series of activities is obvious. It scams the users to pay attention to the various ads and click on them order to get profits. It is so tiresome that you should stop such further redirecting without doubt. It is possible for you to get into trouble in the process of elimination of Mediashifting.com, because the parts of Mediashifting.com can usually be embedded into the normal Windows’ uninstall option under Control Panel.

Once it occurs, for your convenience, the solution of Mediashifting.com removal is to download and install a trustworthy software to scan and eliminate the malicious script out of your system.

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Mediashifting.com Screenshot:

How to Remove Mediashifting.com Virus Manually?

Delete Mediashifting.com registry entries:

%Windows%\system32\fake svchost.exe

Delete Mediashifting.com associated components:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Search\Gather\Windows\System Index\Crawls\ll@IsCatalogLevel 0

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