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Get Rid of Windows Software Keeper Malware

March 20th, 2012

Windows Software Keeper Information:

Windows Software Keeper is another obnoxious fake security program which is spread throughout the world. Windows Software Keeper pretends to be as powerful as legitimate safety programs against various computer parasites. However, various problems found on your PC are produced by Windows Software Keeper. Firstly you will guess that this pest is supported by Trojan viruses. The mentioned Trojan viruses are capable of penetrating any computers without any authority. They will use the backdoor strategy to help Windows Software Keeper get access to any PC. Once everything is finished, your system will be at great danger. Your desktop will pop up plenty of fake warnings about diverse detected threats that should be solved by proper computer performance. Moreover, those hazards can only be tackled by purchasing its useless activated version. Certainly please keep in mind that never believe what Windows Software Keeper has suggested and never trust it, because it’s found that it’s also a clone of Windows Safety Tweaker and Windows Health Keeper Malware. It is not competent in solving any computer dangers. The only thing it is capable of is sucking out users’ cash and damaging their machines.The most important thing you should do is to eliminate Windows Software Keeper and everything relevant to it.

In this way, you will be able to protect your machine from being attacked by removing Windows Software Keeper.

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Windows Software Keeper Screenshot:

How to Remove Windows Software Keeper Virus Manually?

Delete Windows Software Keeper registry entries:


Delete Windows Software Keeper associated components:

%commonprograms%\Windows Software Keeper.lnk

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