How to Android Virus Removal without Factory Reset

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Knowing how to prevent virus existence within your device as well as knowing how to Android virus removal can be a handy knowledge. Your digital devices are prone to attack or infiltration, no matter how good the security system is. Eve with the latest security protection, you can still catch the virus if you aren’t careful.

Having Android virus is pretty rare but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Once you are being careless about operating and managing your device, it is highly possible that you will get the malware or spyware or virus. If you want to avoid the problem from a start, you need to be super careful. But in the event that you already catch the virus, there are already ways to deal with the issue.

How to Remove the Suspicious Virus

You don’t always have to perform factory reset that will wipe out the entire data and apps. After all, there are always ways to deal with the issue – as long as you know how. Dealing with how to Android virus removal doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Read also : How to Remove Virus on Laptop: The Various Ways

  • Boot your Android device to Safe Mode. This mode will enable you to operate the device in the basic system only, disabling any third party apps (which already include the malware or virus). Once you already in the Safe Mode, you can open Settings, and then Apps, and check the Downloaded tab. When you view the lists of currently downloaded apps, you should see something suspicious – such as the names of apps that you don’t know. When you click the app, you should see the option Uninstall. Click it and your problem will be solved.
  • If the Uninstall button is grayish or grayed out, the virus has infiltrated into the administrator section. Go back to the main menu, click on Settings, go to Security, and choose Device Administrators. You should see apps with administrator status in it. On the name of suspicious apps, untick the box and choose Deactivate. If you back to the Downloaded tab to uninstall it, now you can do so.
  • Restart the device again. This time, reboot in the Normal mode. You should be able to see that the virus has gone and the device has improved.

It would be a good idea to upgrade the antivirus or download the new one – provided the last one isn’t effective.

Preventing Further Issue

If you want to prevent the issue from happening on the first place, here are some handy tips to do:

  • Protect yourself with good antivirus. And don’t forget to always update it.
  • Never install anything not coming from Google Play. And even if it comes from Google Play, check the app. If you have never heard the developer or the app doesn’t look convincing, it is best to avoid it.
  • Never ever deal with cloned apps.
  • Always check the app permissions. If an app requires an admin permission (meaning that you can’t delete it right away), you don’t want to deal with such an app.

As long as you are being careful and cautious, you should be fine – especially if you know how to Android virus removal properly and correctly.

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