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How to Remove Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B Virus

June 23rd, 2014

Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B Virus Information

As with Trojan.Win32.Genome.pruk, Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B is classified as a hazardous Trojan virus that has been detected by some antivirus programs. Your computer may get infected with this kind of horrible virus when you visit some hacked websites or porno websites and open spam email attachments. As soon as the terrific Trojan virus penetrates into your computer, it will add its files and registry keys to your system secretly. Besides, it also makes modifications to several confidential system settings and system host files. As a result, a lot of tough computer problems are caused by the Trojan virus. Every time you log in your Windows system, the Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B virus is able to run in the background.

Then, its processes can take up lots of CPU usage, which directly affects your computer running speed. Sometimes, you are likely to suffer blue screen. In addition to slowing down your computer performance, the Trojan virus can also mess up your browsing experience. Though changing system host files and DNS data, it is able to redirect your browser homepage and search results to malicious websites. When you surf online, you will be annoyed by a plenty of unwanted pop-up ads. As you see, the Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B virus is really pernicious and notorious. If your antivirus program is unable to remove the virus from your PC, please follow the guide below to eliminate it thoroughly.

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Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B Virus is very hazardous:

1. The Trojan virus can get into your PC furtively.
2. The Trojan virus can change system settings and files.
3. The Trojan virus can worsen PC performance and reduce resources.
4. The Trojan virus can make browser setting chaotic and cause redirection.

How to Remove Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B Virus Manually?

Open Registry and delete Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B virus registry entries:

Typy in registry in the box.

Delete those corrupt registry entries.


Delete Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B virus associated components:

%Common Appdata%\DownloadSave\EdpbpcqBqw.EXE

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Rootkit.MBR.Mayachok.B virus Removal Video:

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