How to Remove Virus from Mac: A Rare Occasion but Possible

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This occasion is pretty rare but you may want to learn how to remove virus from Mac. You don’t find it quite often but just because the virus for Mac is pretty rare, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Although the incidence involving Mac malware or virus is pretty rare, it doesn’t mean that you won’t possibly encounter the issue – hopefully not! In fact, according to a study done by Malware, since July 2016, there have been 230% cases of Mac malware increase – which means that your Mac may not be the safest device with the safest operating system anymore.

Understanding More about Virus or Malware

You need to differentiate the two as they are completely different entities. A virus breaks down into your computer, whether you allow it or not. A malware disguises itself as a file or document or an app, encouraging you to download it. Once it infiltrates to your system, it will start collecting important info and crucial data – most likely to send it out to the people with malicious intention. Often times, a malware disguises itself as the malware that you need so much – an anti malware or an antivirus. If an app encourages you to download or to input sensitive data, it is most likely that it is the malware itself.

The Steps of Removal

So, how to remove virus from Mac? These are the steps to remove files or apps that you haven’t installed just yet.

Press Command and Q to close the browser. Or simply choose Quit and close down the app

Check the Download folder. If you find any files that you don’t know or recognize, drag them to Trash.

Afterwards, empty the Trash.

However, if you suspect that the malware is located within the already installed app, you need to do these steps:

  • If you suspect any app, check for the name.
  • Make sure to close it – in the event that you have clicked it open
  • Access the Utilities folder by pressing Command, shift, and U buttons
  • Open the Activity Monitor and then choose the option ‘All Processes’
  • Find the name of the app. Or if you find any suspicious app, press on ‘Quit Process’
  • Access the Application folder. Check of the app that you have just quit process
  • Drag it to the Trash and empty it

Preventive Measurement

If you want to prevent the malware from happening, here are some of the things you can do.

  • Make sure that your Mac is always updated. Check whether there are new updates available. It would be wise to activate the automatic update. Access the System Preferences, choose App Store, and choose the ‘Automatically Check for Update’.
  • Activate the automatic filter where Mac allows only the trusted developers and their apps. Go to System Preferences, choose Security and Privacy and General. You should see the option ‘Allow Apps Download From’ and check it. Sometimes the option can be ‘Mac App Store and Identified Developers’. Either way, they are legit. It would be nice to know how to remove virus from Mac but it is also wise to know effective ways to prevent it.

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