How to Remove Virus Shortcut on PC: The Alternative Ways

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You may want to know how to remove virus shortcut on PC, just to be on the safe side. No viruses have been proven to be fun and nice – all of them are super annoying, and the shortcut virus is one of them.  Of course, consider yourself lucky when you don’t have to encounter such a thing. But even if your PC is affected, you know the efficient removal system.

Understanding the Shortcut Virus

As the name suggests, this virus will turn all of your files, folders, and documents into shortcuts while hiding the real stuff. Naturally, you won’t be able to access your documents because they are being hidden. And how is your PC is infected by such a virus?

This is a common virus transmitted and spread through flash drive. In the most common case, you may get the virus from a friend’s (or your own’s) flash drive. Once you connect the flash drive to your computer, you may activate the virus and it spreads into your system – this is possibly happening when you have never scanned the flash drive before. You should be aware if you see a file with .exe extension.

Dealing with the Virus

If you think that you are safe behind your current antivirus, you may want to change your mind. You see, not all antivirus programs are able to detect it – it doesn’t mean that they aren’t good; they simply can’t detect it. One way to prevent it is to disable the autorun feature. So, here is how to remove virus shortcut on PC:

  • Never open the flash drive from My Computer or through the autorun feature
  • If you want to open the flash drive, right click on it and then choose explore. Another way is to go to the address bar and type in the flash drive’s letter.

These are the ways to prevent further infection to your computer. For further removal ways, you should download and install the virus remover tools. Once the download is done, perform the scan. Then, you should copy the fix folder Shortcut Virus and paste it within the flash drive. You can then right click on it and go with ‘Open With’ option. Choose the option notepad. Look for H: and then change it by the letter of your flash drive (such as E: or G:) When the editing is done, save it. You can now right click on the vbs file, and go with ‘Windows Based Script Host’. After you are done running the script, you should be able to see your files now – a positive sign that the virus has been gone.

If you want to use the command prompt, you only need to press Start, go to Run, and type CMD and the letter of the flash drive. Let’s say that your flash drive is E:, then you should type ‘attrib e:*.* /d /s –h –r –s.’ You should be able to remove the virus and see your files back again. These methods on how to remove virus shortcut on PC aren’t exactly difficult or complicated, are they?

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