How to Uninstall Virus Easily

July 31st, 2013 Comments off Virus Information: has been defined as a malicious browser hijacker, which is a member of Google redirection virus that has caused so many troubles to PC users recently. Mostly, this virus appears as a harmless and innocent website. Thus, it is quite possible that lots of users are taken in by This virus is very tricky because it can bypass your security programs and get inside your machine. Once your machine is infected by, you will be constantly hijacked when surfing the Internet. First of all, this virus will modify your system settings on the background and you won’t expect to have any notice. This modification will not take a long time, which will have a great influence on your computer performance. For example, your browser will be hijacked all the time. When you try to look something up on search engine, you will not get what you want from it. That’s because this virus will take you to some other unknown websites, which will display some ads rather than the right information.

Moreover, will replace your home page and you are unable to change the former one back. All in all, this virus is pretty annoying. If you want to protect your machine, you need to get rid of as soon as possible.

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