Manually Delete Heur trojan-dropper.script.generic Virus

August 11th, 2012 1 comment


Heur trojan-dropper.script.generic is a terrible Trojan infection which degrades the overall capability of your machine and implants its dangerous files on your computer so that cyber criminals can get access to the affected PC easily. When you visit porn websites and open infected attachments or links, Heur trojan-dropper.script.generic may lurk into the system. If it resides in your PC, you may suffer many horrific things: the computer performance runs extremely slowly and you PC has many random popup ads and unknown registry entries are added. Also, Heur trojan-dropper.script.generic virus will modify the web browser’s settings and drop other malicious threats such as Smart Repair or Live Security Platinum virus on the system without your consent, then, your system and network will be under a seriously harmful situation, etc. To make things worse, Live Security Platinum may block your firewall and security tools. Undoubtedly, Heur trojan-dropper.script.generic is a high-level risk to your computer, so you shoud delete it to protect your file data and computer.

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