Remove Virus & Fix Redirect

April 17th, 2013 Comments off Information:

In this passage, we are going to introduce a new browser hijacker virus for you, which named As a typical browser hijacker virus like virus and virus, the most important feature of it is locked your browser homepage on through altering the default settings of web browsers, including IE, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari, and you can’t reset the homepage until virus is completely eliminated from your computer. Every time you run the browser or click a web link, the malware will make so many troubles that the results are redirected to irrelevant sites and the users cannot reach their wanted search results. Besides, by changing its registry files and hiding into core system files, virus will be activated with the system, and can’t be easily found by the anti-virus software. If your computer is infected with virus, numerous pop-up advertisements, fake security alerts, blue-screen will become regular, not to mention the slow running speed. Due to its malicious function, please bear in mind that if you find something abnormal in your PC, please follow our removal guide and get rid of virus as quickily as you can.

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