How to Get Rid of Virus

July 8th, 2013 Comments off

SAFE.V9.COM Virus Information: should be a kind of cunning search hijacker infection, whose appearance looks like a legal search engine. Normally, it will pretend to give you some useful information, but in fact, it is only a trap. Once this infection is installed into your machine, it will try all means to hijack your browser to or its domain pages. In this way, the creators can make some money. Generally speaking, this harmful infection is able to alter your default settings and take over your browser on the background. By then, your browser will perform against your will frequently. Every time you do some searching, you will find that your search results are always redirected to other suspicious websites, which are irrelevant with your search queries.

Moreover, like virus and virus, may also pop up lots of commercial ads on your screen, which are extremely annoying when you are working on your computer. What’s worse, this dangerous virus might keep track of your browsing history and collect your banking information. In a word, can only do harm on your PC, so you need to get rid of it as early as you can.
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