Best Virus Removal & Redirect Fix

May 13th, 2013 Comments off Virus Information:

Recently, a new browser hijacker virus named has attacked many computers. Like other browser hijacker viruses virus and virus, pretends as a legit search engine. It is designed to help cyber criminals gain financial benefits through pushing victims to visit their domains. That means when the sites gain more Internet traffic, hackers can earn more money, and this is reason why and those similar viruses are spread so widely around the cyber world.

Once the virus gets installed into your computer, through modifying browser and DNS settings, it will take over your web browsers. So, it changes your homepage and redirects all your search results to or other suspicious sites. Besides, it can also add some shortcuts on your desktop and produce numerous pop-up advertisements without your permission. Moreover, on the background, will play other tricks, such as installing various malware, altering the Windows registry setting and stealing personal data. If there is redirection and a plenty of pop-up ads appearing on your computer, your browser is probably hijacked.
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