Get Rid of Windows Warding System Malware

April 4th, 2012 Comments off

Windows Warding System Information:

Windows Warding System, a new member of a malware family, parasitizes in many PCs and causes many disasters. We have reported other members in this malware family, such as Windows First-Class Protector, Windows Trouble Taker and so on. They are created to cheat people’s money by providing much fake information about the infected computers. There is no difference of Windows Warding System. It is ready to get in your computer with the help of a Trojan when you accidently come to some malicious websites. Then its Trojan is able to enter your computer without your permission. Then, this Trojan secretly download the vital files of Windows Warding System to compose it. After that, your Registry will be changed by the Trojan in order to be ready for the malicious scheme of Windows Warding System. The most misleading things are that once Windows Warding System finishes the preparation job, it will pretend to be a powerful antivirus software. It sends you phony security scan reports and informs you that your system has too many dangerous items. Windows Warding System also threatens that if you don’t delete all the parasites, your computer will be corrupted. According to Windows Warding System, you must pay some money for its commercial version if you want get your computer fixed.
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