Uninstall PC Clean Pro Malware

April 16th, 2012 Comments off

PC Clean Pro Information:

PC Clean Pro is a vicious antivirus tool that pretends to be as powerful as real security programs. However, PC Clean Pro has no connection with the virus scan and removal ability. PC Clean Pro is a variant of the previously released vicious applications PC Cleaner Pro 2012 and Smart HDD virus. Another important fact we should mention about PC Clean Pro is that it will instantly perform its obnoxious schemes once the users’ machines are rebooted. Moreover, it is capable of using backdoor strategy, thus it can easily avoid the detection of real legal security suites. Then, PC Clean Pro will pretend to have a fake virus scan which reports about everything except for the actual hazards. The purpose of such act is to make you believe about the hazards on your PC and finally persuades you to buy its useless version. What’s more, those above viruses are supposedly from Windows files that result in the failure of the computer work in case they are deleted. The longer, PC Clean Pro stays in the affected system, the more threats will be downloaded, for this pest itself is a real danger.
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