Remove Virus and Fix Redirect

December 6th, 2012 Comments off Information: is a malicious website which pretends to be a legal search provider and is used to hijack system browsers without any awareness when users downloads some free applications. virus usually comes up to you when you use your Internet browsers like IE or Chorme. This browser hijacker installs itself to your browsers and forces users to visit its nasty web page and other hazardous web domains. When you want to use to search something, you will never get satisfactory results. Additionally, this infection is able to slow down the affected machine and corrupt its Internet connection. Moreover, this virus can change the home page and default search engine of browsers without your permission. It is still capable of hiding itself from being discovered by using rootkit tactics thus it is difficult for your security tools to delete it. Similar to other browser redirect viruses virus and DealCabby virus, this browser redirect virus is also competent in installing other Trojans and rootkits onto the compromised machine. In order to protect your computer and privacy, we strongly suggest you delete malware using the guidance below.

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