Get Rid of Virus & Stop Redirect

May 22nd, 2013 Comments off Virus Information:

Recently, a new virus named appears and has already damaged many computers. According to its infection symptoms, security experts classify it as a browser hijacker virus. Generally, is used to promote websites full of various ads. By forcing victims to visit those sites, hackers can gain financial benefits, because they boost the Internet traffic. And this is why and other similar viruses like virus and virus are so widely spread around the world. You are easy to get this infection via porn sites, spam attachments and infected freeware. You are not aware of it until it begins to make chaos. Firstly, will quickly take over your web browsers, including IE, Firefox and Chrome. Then it changes your default homepage and search engine because it can modify browser and DNS settings. Secondly, it creates lots of advertisements, which will constantly pop up to interfere with your surfing process. Thirdly, it installs various malware without your knowledge, which will not only occupy lots of system resources and reduce computer performance, but also produce more potential threats.
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