Manually Delete Rootkit.win32.sirefef.gen!b Virus

August 10th, 2012 Comments off


Rootkit.win32.sirefef.gen!b is a harmful Trojan virus which is a member of the infamous Win32/sirefef group. And this Sirefef family is an extremely destructive threat to the affected computer. Via the vulnerabilities of your system, Rootkit.win32.sirefef.gen!b secretly enters in your PC. Once Rootkit.win32.sirefef.gen!b infects your PC, it may retard the PC performance, change the system registry, block Internet connection, or even steal your confidential information. Many victims report that Rootkit.win32.sirefef.gen!b steals their instant messager accounts, such as Yahoo Messager, MSN, Skype, or Facebook and sends many ads to their contacts. To escape from the detection of security software, Rootkit.win32.sirefef.gen!b conceals its files and disguises as system files and processes. Besides, Rootkit.win32.sirefef.gen!b may bring in many infections onto your machine with no hint, and make your PC in a risky situation. In all, Rootkit.win32.sirefef.gen!b is so harmful for your PC that you cannot let it stay on the machine for a long time. You shloud remove Rootkit.win32.sirefef.gen!b once you detect it, otherwise, your computer will be destroyed by this pest.

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