Can’t Get Rid of Rootkit.ZAccess.A Virus

November 24th, 2012 Comments off

Rootkit.ZAccess.A Information:

Rootkit.ZAccess.A is found as a nasty rootkit infection which can bypass computer firewall and antivirus and attack targeted computers. Rootkit.ZAccess.A is able to hide its malicious code in backdoor Trojans, social networks, free software packages and spam emails etc. When Rootkit.ZAccess.A successfully enters in your computer, it immediately changes your browser settings and HOSTS file so as to fully take control of your web browsers. When you use some famous search engines like Google, you will be redirected to other malicious websites like virus or other malicious ones. And your security software can not detect its malicious activities if they are not powerful and updated. When running, Rootkit.ZAccess.A also gathers your browsing activities and tries to steal important information. And this rootkit may download other unwanted adware programs on the computer, and thus you will receive annoying advertisements from time to time. To stop its interference and damage, please follow the steps below to remove Rootkit.ZAccess.A virus.

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