Remove Virus and Fix Redirect

January 17th, 2013 Comments off Information: is a recently released vicious browser redirect virus which is produced by cyber criminals to attack victims’ PCs. Being the same its variants virus and virus, this hijacker will continuously redirect search results to its own vicious website and the reason is that it has changed browser settings and pretends to be a browser plugin to protect itself. is a malicious web domain, for it can not provide with useful search results but to present tons of misleading ads. This hijacker will enter in the compromised machine when it infected the computer with the help of Trojan horses. It will create various problems inside, for it will redirect your search results to other hazardous web domains. Besides, it will assist hijackers in intruding the targeted PC by using backdoor tactics to take over victim’s machine and ruin computer stability. It is unwise for you to keep this malware inside and steal your private information. You must get rid of virus immediately when you find it inside in order to protect your machine.

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