Best Virus Removal & Redirect Fix

May 14th, 2013 Comments off Virus Information: virus is a malicious browser hijacker which is as harmful as virus and virus. Hackers usually distribute it via rootkit viruses, pornographic sites and free software. When it is installed into your computer, your nightmare starts. Firstly, through modifying browser and DNS configurations, the virus uses to replace your former homepage, and it also causes frequent web redirection to suspicious websites. Secondly, it produces plenty of irritating pop-up advertisements which can block your computer’s normal operation. Thirdly, via altering the Windows registry, malware creates many system flaws and makes your system exposed under all kinds of cyber threats. By using these flaws, it can install lots of malware into the system without your consent, which occupies a big part of system resources. Moreover, virus helps hackers record your browser history and steal your private data including online bank accounts and passwords, which will bring you a greater loss. As a result, we strongly suggest you not use as your search engine, and try your best to remove it as soon as possible before it causes other damages.

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