Get Rid of Windows Cleaning Tools Malware

April 13th, 2012 Comments off

Windows Cleaning Tools Information:

Recently a malware named Windows Cleaning Tools presents itself in people’s computer. Since it has caused a lot of infections, we write this post to let more people be aware of this malware. Windows Cleaning Tools has the same malware origin as Windows Processes Accelerator and Windows Activity Debugger virus. It can intrude your computer with the help of Trojans and even the latest antivirus software can not block it. After the intrusion, Windows Cleaning Tools will modify your Windows registry. This action may make your machine deviant and you will soon realize it. Soon you will find your screen is full of virus infection alerts and they all want to inform you that your computer is in a quite dangerous condition. And if you do not take some measures, your PC will be damaged. Soon it provides you with a solution that is to purchase the activation code of Windows Cleaning Tools. Don’t believe it can scan your computer or clear virus. Its all parts are there to give you wrong information. If you find some trace of Windows Cleaning Tools in your computer, don’t panic and you should calm down to decide the next action. First, don’t believe the reports provided by Windows Cleaning Tools. Then, don’t give out any money.
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