How to Virus Remove in Pen Drive: Some Possible Solutions

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Do you know the effective way on how to virus remove in pen drive? The pen drive or the flash drive is prone to virus infection and attack. One of the most common infections is the Shortcut Virus which can be super annoying and super irritating – because it truly affects your documents and files.

More about the Shortcut Virus

So, what is the Shortcut Virus and how it affects your computer and your flash drive? It is a malicious and annoying program that will change your folders and files into shortcuts – while changing the original ones into a hidden mode. The signature characteristic is when you are able to see all of your files and folders being changed into shortcuts and you can’t find the original ones – because they have been hidden by the virus. Be aware if you see such a thing as autorun.inf. The infection can happen between flash drives, Bluetooth connection, internet, or memory cards.

Different Ways to Remove the Virus

Most people won’t bother with any possible methods as they think that formatting the flash drive will be the best option. Well, if the virus is still limited and contained within the flash drive – and you have the backup documents – such as method may work well. However, if you only have the documents within the flash drive or the infection has spread to your computer, you have to find another way. Don’t worry, on the contrary to what you believe, there are always other solutions and options.

The first one is to use the command prompt system, not only to remove the virus but also to recover the files. Surprisingly, this method has 95% chances to successfully remove the virus and save your data without having to format the flash drive. If you know how to virus remove in pen drive, you can perform a cleanup for the mobile device, memory card, hard disk, PC, and also the flash drive.

So, how do you use the command prompt?

  • Press Start, choose Run, and then type cmd
  • Choose the directory where the pen drive is located
  • Type attrib (the drive name of the pen drive, such as G:)*.* /d /s –h –r –s and Enter
  • It’s done. Your pen drive has been cleaned from any virus

Another way is to use an antivirus. If you already have an antivirus, you should perform a thorough scan when you connect the pen drive to your computer. If the scan has isolated and deleted the virus, perform another scan so you can be sure about the safety of the pen drive.

You can also use a special software to remove the Shortcut Virus in your computer. But make sure that you have disabled the autorun first so it won’t automatically activate. Scan for any virus and then connect the pen drive. Perform the scan on your pen drive. If there is a virus present, the antivirus will notify you. One of the most effective ways on how to virus remove in pen drive is to make sure that your antivirus is regularly updated so it can perform automatic scan on the computer as well as the pen drive, once it is connected.

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